About Us

Carbon fiber weave quality.


Designing the perfect motorcycle requires your individual parts to look right. 
ROTtec Carbon parts come standard in a 1x1 carbon fiber weave aligned to 
give your part the refined look you desire. Our high quality glossy finish 
comes standard on all components to accentuate the beautiful carbon
fiber weave. Attention is paid to every detail, allowing even our most
complex components to maintain the greatest visual appeal.








Top quality performance parts.


ROTtec parts are made exclusively using a dry carbon
layup process. Our carbon fiber is pre-impregnated with 
epoxy resin prior to being molded and finally cured in a high 
temperature autoclave oven. The pressurization provided by the
autoclave allows ROTtec Carbon to maintain the optimum resin-to-fiber
ratio and thus produce the lightest parts possible while maintaining strength.




The ultimate in custom carbon.


You want your motorcycle to be unique exclusively to you. This is why ROTtec 
offers you customization options beyond the ordinary – you can change anything you 
desire. Different color? Bigger weave? Matte finish? Custom fitment? ROTtec will
gladly accommodate your custom requests, from cosmetic to functional. If you have 
a motorcycle that’s not listed in our catalogue or if you want a special part or finish, 
feel free to contact us.